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Compressive Stress Surface Engineering for Tooling
Increases Fatigue Resistance - Die Casting,
Blanking/Stamping (HSLA*)
(Tool Steels - Hot, Cold, and Powdered Metal Classes)

Close Minor Cracks (plastic flow) - Die Casting
Retards Propagation of Existing Cracks - Die Casting
Cavitation Breakout Resistance - Die Casting
Increases Effectiveness of Welded Areas - All
Counter EDM White Layer Effect - All

Compressive Texturing Benefits
Buffer Cavitation Breakout and Pitting
Enhances Metal Flow
Improve Heat Transfer Rate from Steel
Reduce Tendency to Solder

Benefits to the End User
Improved Powder Coat Paint Adhesion
Less Hidden Casting Porosity
Improved Casting Appearance with Less Flow Marks
Lamination Free Quicker Polishing

Benefits that Coatings and Platings Cannot Offer
28 Years of Industry Use

 Die Casting Dies

Thermoset  and Abrasive Plastic Mold Environments

Drawing/Forming/Blanking Dies - Fatigue and Galling Preventative
(Increased Fatigue Strength for HSLA* applications)

High Strength Low Alloy Steels - causing Increased Snap-through & Tonnage

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A major portion of tooling cost is hidden in production and maintenance costs.
We can shrink the bottom portion of this iceberg by decreasing these hidden costs

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